Burnclear was founded already in 1998 by Tomi Virtanen (gtr) and Karri Shemeikka (gtr). The first few miles of Burnclear’s rocky road to fame were plagued by many lineup changes. A small town in Eastern Finland was not an ideal playground for aspiring musicians. After years of constant struggle to maintain a lasting lineup, the two guitar goblins moved to Joensuu, a bigger city with far better opportunities and more musicians to hang out with.

Keyboard wizard Petri Koistinen (keyb) and his drum banger brother Jukka Koistinen (dr) soon joined Burnclear. When the bass-playing beast Olli Puranen (b) was added to the group, the puzzle was nearly solved. Only one important piece was still missing…

Tony Turunen was the singer of Burnclear back in the day, and after a few short honeymoons with other bands, ’the demon with a voice of an angel’ wanted to come back and torture his vocal chords with Burnclear’s new awesome lineup. It was a match made in heaven. The guys started immediately to compose and rehearse songs that would change their lives – and maybe yours as well. Songwriter Sami Haapasalo, Petri’s and Jukka’s old band comrade and ’brother in harms’, accepted the challenge and started to write lyrics for Burnclear’s musical masterpieces.

In 2013, Burnclear released the EP Eventide, which introduces four songs from their forthcoming album. Eventide is an excellent example of the band's ability to create energetic but emotional songs and spice them up with fresh musical visions... And there will be plenty more where that came from…



2003 - Present


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